Mercoferias S.R.L. is the organizer of ExpoMEDICAL and editor of the magazine Temas Hopitalarios. 

Mercoferias S.R.L., who received the 1st. prize of “Pymes Mercosur” and “Fundacion Exportar”, was responsible of the organization of the “Couromoda Argentina” exhibition in 1994 and 1995, as well as “Hospitalar Argentina” exhibitoin in 1995 , “Hospitalaria” between 1995 and 2000 and “Hospitalaria Córdoba” in the year 2000. The team of Marcoferias S.R.L was also responsible of several pavillions in diferents argentine health exhibitions, as well as european (Interhospital and Medica) and brasilian exhibitions (Hospitalar). 

ExpoMEDICAL 2017 – – 15º Trade show for products, Services and Equipment for the healthcare Sector - takes place between September 27 to 29 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With the participation of 230 exhibitors in 12.500 m2, 15.000 attendees were able to contact new suppliers, update with the new technologies of the healthcare sector and participate in any of the 65 seminars and conferences that takes place together with the exhibition.

Together with ExpoMEDICAL and on the same premises, 65 seminars and conferences take place in 8 conferences rooms strategically located, 4.500 attendees were registered to participate. These events attract hospital managers, doctors from most specialities sucha as cardiology, emergency, intensive care, hemotherapy, rehabilitation, healthcare management, among many other specialities.